Disney True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones QS-27


*Exclusive private model patented product
*Ergonomic fit ear canal design, comfortable to wear
*Active switching, regardless of the main and auxiliary ears
*Exquisite design, both earphones and decorations
*The built-in professional-grade Hifi dynamic large-unit speaker with graphene vibration mode accurately presents the rich details of high-resolution music, making the sound vivid and immersive
*Delivery pendant, more portable to carry”


Product Description

*Bluetooth version: V5.3
*Bluetooth solution: JL6973
*Speaker size: 13mm
*Battery capacity: 30mA
*Play music time: 4 hours
*Rated input: 5V/30mA
*Charging time: 1.5 hours
*Battery capacity: 200mA
*Rated input: 5V/160mA
*Charging time: 2 hours

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Additional Information


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