Lenovo Neck Hanging Headphones Sports Bluetooth Headphones Fast Charge Version HE05Pro


*Double Bass Diaphragm Headphones
*Simple neck-mounted remote control, high-performance “core” experience
*Comfortable to wear, intelligent flash connection, pleasant running water sound quality
*Stable sports wear, innovative in-ear design
*The curved neckline does not deform, the memory rebounds, and it is easy to wear
*BASS heavy bass, panoramic surround sound field
*Smart Compatibility No need to pick devices, as long as there is Bluetooth, you can connect



Product Description

*Horn diameter: 8mm
*Impedance: (16±15%)
*Speaker sensitivity: 106dB at@1KHz
*Microphone type: omnidirectional
*Microphone sensitivity: -42dB±3dB
*Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz
*Length: 96cm±10mm
*Weight: 26.1g

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Additional Information


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