Lenovo TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone LP80 Pro


*The design is more beautiful, according to ergonomics, design aesthetics, multiple revisions, and a perfect product design;
*The sound quality is more beautiful, 13mm super loudspeaker, many times of Seiko-level speaker debugging;
*Longer battery life, small battery with big power, 5 hours of listening to music, 4 hours of talking, and 30 hours of ultra-long battery life;
*It is more comfortable to wear, originally designed with the most popular and comfortable earphones of the 4th generation at this stage;
*The call is clearer, multiple calls are tested and trimmed, and the acoustic curve is adjusted multiple times, which perfectly reflects the zero-distance intercom between calls;
*The operation is more convenient, neutralize years of experience in styles, use experience, operation experience, design a simple experience, easy-to-use functional UI


Product Description

*Chip: Jerry AD6976
*Bluetooth version: V5.3
*Bluetooth effective distance: ≥10 meters
*Bluetooth battery capacity: 25mAh
*Charging box battery capacity: 180mAh
*Talk time: about 4h
*Music playback time: about 4 hours (70% volume)
*Charging time: about 1.5h

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