MONSTER Three-Mode Gaming Mechanical Keyboard KM4


*Double-layer tripod, separation of keys and wires, suspended GasKet structure
*RGB light backlight design, support 18 different backlight modes
*Full key without punching, can be driven by APP, support RGB dynamic music rhythm
*with aluminum alloy knob
*Two-color keycap design
*Wireless three-mode connection
*Plug-in shaft design
*Full key hot swap
*Ergonomic design


Product Description

*Product size: 390.95*141.95*40.41±0.5mm
*Battery capacity: 4000mAh
*Lighting effect: 18 groups 4. Lighting: RGB
*Keys: 97 keys
*Shaft body: mechanical shaft (supports hot swapping of key shafts)
*Interface: key line separation type type-C interface
*OS support: Mac/Windows
*Switch Type: Mechanical Switch
*Mode: 2.4G+BT+Wireless

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