Monster TWS Microphone Light Speaker AIRMARS GK600


*Transparent moving black mesh cover delicate worry elegant 118 LED lighting atmosphere full
*Composite diaphragm moving coil shock sound like the scene
*The cure is a color match that feels right
*A variety of playback modes anytime, anywhere second KTV
*Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0Faster and more stable connection
*Small size, loud field, karaoke anytime, anywhere, microphone 2.4G transmission


Product Description

*Bluetooth Chip Type/Model: Speaker: 6956C
*Microphone: 6976D
*Battery capacity: Speaker: 1800MA Microphone: 500MA
*Horn: 57mm
*Function: BT, AUX, U disk, TF card, lighting, K song, magic sound, sound Effect switching
*Rated output power: 5W
*Charging time: speaker about 3.5±0.5H
*microphone: about 1.5±0.5H

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