MONSTER TWS Wireless Gaming Headphones AIRMARS XKT03


*SBC audio decoding, high performance chip
*Unique bass tube, reshape the rhythm of music
*Upgrade Bluetooth 5.2, the sound transmission is fast
*High-definition audio analysis, shocking HIFI sound quality
*Semi-in-ear wear, fits the ear canal and is comfortable to wear for a long time
*ACC call noise reduction, high-definition language without noise
*High-definition analytical audio, 13mm large dynamic unit
*Dual mode, dual decoding, low-latency smooth game


Product Description

*Bluetooth solution: Zhongke Lanxun 8926
*Wearing method: half in the ear
*Horn diameter: ¢13mm
*Speaker material: NdFeB
*Battery capacity: charging compartment/300mAh earphone/30mAh
*Power-on battery life: about 2 hours
*Earphone usage time: about 4 hours
*Charging parameters: 5V-300mA
*Support audio formats: AAC, SBC
*Operation method: touch and touch operation
*Charging plug form: Type-c interface
*Display light form: light display

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