MONSTER TWS Wireless Gaming Headphones AIRMARS XKT09


*Personalized rotating metal star ring charging compartment, technology fashion trend
*Game video low latency, listening to audio as low as 45ms
*Stereo surround sound, call noise reduction is clear and natural
*A new generation of decoding high-definition audio, strong transmission stability
*Open the cover and connect instantly, put it on and listen
*Black and blue color contrast, high-end atmosphere


Product Description

*Working voltage: 5V
*Bluetooth version: 5.3
*Chip model: Jerry 6973D4
*Headphone battery parameters: 33mAh, 451012
*Battery parameters: 300mAh, 602030
*Speaker parameters: D13MM
*Sensitivity: 109.17±3dB
*Frequency response range: 20–20KHz

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Additional Information


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