MONSTER TWS Wireless Gaming Headphones AIRMARS XKT10


*Semi-in-ear design fits the arc of the Asian ear canal better, with no sense of pressure and no pressure, and can be worn for a long time;
*The charging compartment adopts a rotating zinc alloy steel ring, which has a unique and innovative appearance design, and the design inspiration comes from a sci-fi spaceship
*Voice assistant, master-slave switching, whatever you want;
*High-definition voice, all calls are strong
*Stable charging, increased service life, long standby time
*Bluetooth 5.2 chip, take out the headset and connect in seconds, the connection is fast, accurate and stable, low power consumption and no lag;
*Both the left and right ears can be picked up and used immediately, and the left and right ears can be switched seamlessly!


Product Description

*Pair name: Monster Airmars XKT10
*Product Ratings:
*Headphone input: 5V/DC/30mA
*Charging compartment input: 5V/DC/300mA
*Built-in battery:
*Headphones: 3.7V/30mAh
*Charging compartment: 3.7V/300mAh

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