MONSTER TWS Wireless Gaming Headphones AIRMARS XKT15


*Newly upgraded Bluetooth 5.3, the connection is stable and continuous
*Semi-in-ear design, small and light, no pain for long-term wearing
*No battery anxiety, continue to listen to music all day
*Game audio and video synchronization, always keep up with your rhythm
*Sensitive radio microphone, clear speech in noisy environment
*Fully intelligent and compatible, you can connect with Bluetooth
*HIFI-level stereo sound effect, sounds of nature, science fiction strikes



Product Description

*headphone input: 5V/DC/30mA;
*charging compartment input: 5V/DC/200mA;
*Built-in battery: earphone: 3.7V/30mAh;
*charging case: 3.7V/230mAh

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Additional Information


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