MONSTER TWS Wireless Gaming Headphones XKT01


*Retro CD player design
*Transparent style with versatile colors,
*The semi-in-ear design is more suitable for Asia
*The ear canal is curved without
* Feeling zero pressure can not be worn for a long time
*Bluetooth 5.2 chip supports high-definition resolution audio
* Surging heavy bass quality
*Double sound switching, more convenient experience and operation


Product Description

*Bluetooth solution: BT5.2
*Wearing method: half in the ear
* Horn diameter: 13mm
*Speaker material: Copper ring ordinary film
* Playing time: about 4H
*Call time: about 3H-4H
*Support audio format: SBC/AAC
* Charging parameters: rated 5V-300ma
*Battery capacity: earphone 30mAh*2/charging box 300mAh

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Additional Information


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