MONSTER Wireless Headset STORM XKH03


*Full immersion, clear voice, worry-free team battles
*Bluetooth 5.3 chip
*Aviation-grade metal, powerful and shocking bass
*Uninterrupted enjoyment, large capacity continues to be stronger
*The noise-cancelling microphone is clear, and the voice team battle is worry-free,Listening to the voice and defending the position, the feeling of being on the scene
*No need to pick a device, you can connect with Bluetooth
*Skin-friendly material, comfortable to wear


Product Description

*The latest Bluetooth 5.3 version, shocking sound effect
*Luxurious texture, super soft earmuffs,
*Comfortable to wear, LED light, foldable, folding mic
*Manufacturer’s private model, Type-C fast charging, long battery life,

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*Chip: JL 7006
*Horn diameter: 40mm
*Speaker sensitivity: 110dB±3dB
*Microphone type: omnidirectional
*Microphone sensitivity: -42dB±3dB
*Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
*Battery capacity: 400mAh


Additional Information


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